Mad Watermelons – Tokyo


The watermelon (above) beautifully tied up with traditional straw rope cost 16,000 JPY… Some of the more complicated shapes (hearts and cubes) were priced at about 30,000 JPY.


The cubes really  impressed me. Who thinks up something like that?



4 thoughts on “Mad Watermelons – Tokyo

  1. I have always loved that they grow them into funny shapes. I guess it makes sense to have a square one as it fits better into the fridge. We also had our first yellow watermelon in Japan, tasted the same but looked different 💛


    • Thanks Wanderlustplusone.
      I love it too… Kind of great example of Japanese kooky. Thought it said a lot about Japan that even the fruit could be made to conform. These novelty melons are of course a novelty type of thing and mostly bought as impressive gifts rather than as average, every day shopping.

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